Student Life

“Thought creates character.”

Good character education is simply good education.  At La Fontaine Montessori, we encourage the development of positive character traits.  On a continuous basis and always in an age-appropriate manner, our qualified staff help encourage and guide your child to understand the importance of being responsible, honest, caring, fair, self-disciplined, courageous, and respectful.

We sing, we clap, we dance.

Studies have shown that exposure to music helps children verbally – to speak more clearly and develop a larger vocabulary – and strengthens social and emotional skills. Music is linked to both spatial and mathematical intelligence. Dancing and moving to music help your child develop better motor skills.  Most preschoolers love listening or singing along to music, so at La Fontaine Montessori, we listen to all kinds of music.  We sing, we clap, we dance.

Children are natural observers.

Children are fascinated by the natural world and science is all around us.  At La Fontaine Montessori, we encourage the skills of scientific observation. As young botanists, we will plant in an indoor garden and watch seeds sprout and grow into organic produce that can be consumed. Time spent outside, as well as planned field trips, further cultivate young minds to observe plant and animal life outside the four walls of our facility.  La Fontaine Montessori staff strive to offer as many possible opportunities for curious minds to explore and grow.

We live in a technological age, so children are exposed to computers and other age-appropriate technology illustrating the different ways in which humans communicate, research and learn. 

Culture resides in the heart and soul.

Children are inherently curious about the world in which they live.  At a young age, they realize that there is a world beyond their own. Cultural study allows your child to experience their place in the universe as we explore with appreciation and respect.  At La Fontaine Montessori, children explore art, music, storytelling, food, ecology and sustainability, geography and biology,as part of the culture curriculum.  Naturally, the exploration of the French culture, its art and music are cultivated. 

To explore the world beyond their own.

Field trips expose children to different aspects of the world around them fostering a better understanding of different ideas, people, and places.  Some things are just better understood through a hands-on experience.  Field trips at La Fontaine Montessori may include visiting a local community garden, a library, a park, or walking a woodland trail.